Stop spending money on unreliable internet

Your internet connection helps build the foundation of a positive relationship between you and your customers, so the network you choose is critical to success.

Bottlenecking internet, unreliable internet, internet with downtime… any of these are considered bad connections, and can lose you major moola in 4 ways:

4 ways a bad internet connection is losing your business money

1. Decreased response time

Customers expect fast page loads, and even faster responses. 57% of users will abandon a page if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds, and a 1-second delay in response time can result in a 7% decrease in conversions. It’s essential for businesses to have a reliable internet connection that gives them the speed to respond to customer demands.

2. A glass ceiling of productivity

A study by Sandisk found slow internet loses employees 1 week of productivity each year. When bandwidth is strained, employees are limited in connectivity speed and cannot work to their full potential. This glass ceiling reduces employee ROI and may lose sales opportunities.

3. User frustration

What’s more frustrating than slow internet? Nothing, says a survey by Deloitte, where it was cited as the #1 reason for employee frustration in the workplace. A slow and unreliable connection not only causes web stress for corporations, but smaller businesses too. Coffee shops, for example, compete with companies like Starbucks to offer high-speed wifi. Poor internet may discourage us caffeine hipsters wanting a quick Skype session with the daily cappuccino fix.

4. An unreachable cloud

What good is a cloud you can’t reach? With 87% of enterprises trusting the cloud with at least one mission critical workload, it’s important to have reliable access to the systems that fuel your business. Cloud-dependant applications like Google Drive, Microsoft 365, or POS (Point-of-Sale) systems depend on a strong connection, so a business that lacks one may face serious downtime repercussions. If you’re in this situation, fiber internet can help.

Bottom Line

Reduced conversions, limited productivity, user frustration, and unreachable applications are 4 ways a bad internet connection can lose your business money.

Fiber internet may be the solution to boost productivity and revenue. Contact us for a custom-tailored networking solution from a Canadian fiber business internet service provider.

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