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From PRI to Cloud PBX we have a solution to fit. Seamlessly route calls between all of your locations to ensure that you capture more potential sales.

Business Internet

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Our network fabric isn’t reliant on any single carrier, switch , or data centre. We harmonize diverse networks into a service fabric that stretches across the continent.

Wide Area Network

Our WAN services can unify multiple carriers and connection types within a network and prioritizes traffic, so your critical application get the bandwidth they need to perform.


iTel’s private Cloud services let you use the same best-of-breed infrastructure that runs iTel’s products and services

Your business isn’t your office, it’s the connections between your colleagues, customers, and partners. iTel is a telecom and internet service provider that makes those connections faster and more reliable. Customers across Canada are growing their businesses on iTel infrastructure. You should, too.

iTel is the 1st real national carrier alternative in a market dominated by unresponsive mega corporations and small operations who do not have the infrastructure and expertise to create and support reliable services.  iTel is different, an agile company punching above its weight: combining true carrier infrastructure with flexible products and real support.

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Over the last decade, we have invested millions to build a network that connects all of Canada’s largest telephone and internet systems. This “network of networks” allows us to service customers of any size, wherever they might be. Our data network operates in private OpenStack and VMWare clouds across four Canadian data centres. We use fiber links and triple redundant switching for efficient network redundancy. Our telephone network is one of the largest independent networks in Canada, which allows us to service numbers from over 2000+ Canadian cities. We have true core redundancy for our MPLS and telephony services, with automatic routing between cores in case of a failure.


Customer-Driven SERVICE

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One of Canada's Largest IP Voice Networks

We can service numbers from over 2000+ Canadian cities coast to coast

iTel is a nation-wide supplier of internet and networking services for business.

We offer Fiber internet, MPLS networking, hosted PBX systems and more. We provide complete networking solutions for all of our business clients. If you are looking for new hosted phone systems, cloud storage or networking for your office, we can help you!

As technology rapidly increases, so does the need to ensure your businesses networking systems are up to the challenge. For email service, file sharing or customer conferencing, you need to ensure that you can connect with all of your clients in a fast and convenient manner. With our fiber optic and MPLS internet services, cloud storage and hosted phone services, you can be assured that all of your online customer interactions will not only be seamless but are backed by a 100% SLA.

By using services like Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), you can help your business streamline its networking capabilities and create a more efficient system. MPLS networking allows your system to properly assess network requests and provide an improved allocation of resources for each task. This means less lag in your system and better connectivity. With MPLS you can have faster internet services, improved digital voice (VoIP calls), and overall superior network connectivity for your business. For more information on MPLS, please view our MPLS service page.

In today’s world, a business can’t afford to have second-rate networking systems. iTel has invested millions of dollars in ensuring that we have one of the best networking systems in Canada, and are able to offer our clients the fastest internet available nationally. Whether you’re looking for networking solutions for your small business or a large corporation, we can provide you with the custom system you need with high speed internet, VoIP calling and more.

Hosted PBX Services


Hosted PBX service is a cloud based business phone system that allows you to give your business substantially more flexibility in its communications. With a hosted PBX system in your office, you can bypass the additional costs of using a traditional phone system. With a PBX system, you can set up a remote office with ease, and still be accessible from the same phone number. If you have any questions about how a hosted PBX system can make your office more efficient, please feel free to give us a call.

True High Speed Fiber Internet

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At iTel, we provide true Fiber internet for our service subscribers. This means that you get incredibly fast internet speeds and enough bandwidth to make sure that your systems will never be lagging or having to wait on a slow upload or download. Whether your infrastructure is set up for 10 employees or 1,000, our Fiber internet can give you the smoothest online experience ever for your business. So if you are tired of slow downloads and crawling uploads, make the switch to Fiber.

Cloud Service Data Centers

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Our data centers are designed and engineered to maintain data security and convenient accessibility. We have dedicated technicians who monitor your data applications to ensure an uninterrupted connection and smooth access to the cloud data centers. We have created the perfect IT hosting solution to help manage your data.

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