Bonded Internet for Business

Ultra reliable, extremely secure, and up to 400% faster.

A new alternative to your business internet connection

If your business is running on archaic internet, suffering through painfully slow upload speeds and minimal redundancy, it might be time for a change.

Bonded Internet combines up to 5 internet connections into one single resilient line that multiplies speeds and provides excellent failover.

Increased Bandwidth

Unlike load balancing solutions that limit the speed of an individual connection, iTel Bonded Internet creates one super connection that makes available the total combined bandwidth of all the lines.

Outstanding Failover

Obliterate the impact of network downtime. In the unlikely event that one connection should happen to fail, the others will seamlessly pick up the slack without even noticing a blip in service.

Because Multiple Connections are Better than One

Multiply your bandwidth with no big build costs.

LTE Failover
Set a wireless backup link that only kicks in as failover if needed.

Widely available across North America, even for rural or temporary locations.

Traffic is distributed across each connection. Even if an attacker managed to tap into one of your lines, they would only see random fragments.

The quickest solution to implement. Your new bonded connection can be up and running within days.

Ability to encrypt traffic between sites using 128 or 256 bit encryption.


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