Bonded Internet can double, even triple your speed.

Once a year, the brilliant Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle spend a whole day treating themselves.


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 Clothes? Treat yo self.
Fragrances? Treat yo self.
Massages? Treat yo self.
Mimosas? Treat yo self.
Fine leather goods? Treat yo self

What they forgot was…

Faster internet? TREAT YO SELF

There are several ways to get faster internet, but a lot of those come with a high price tag. iTel Bonded Internet allows you to double or even triple your internet speeds at a much more affordable price, especially when compared to fiber.

We’ve talked a lot about Bonded Internet and what it can do for businesses, but it can do pretty wondrous things to your home connection too.

One of our customer’s Linus Tech Tips tried out our bonding technology and filmed a how-to video that explains how it enabled him to drastically increase his internet speed at home. Instead of us re-telling how this is possible, we’ll let him do the talking.

Treat yo self to Bonded Internet and take advantage of our Linus Tech Tips Promo pricing for Canada and the US.