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Network solutions that work as hard as you do

Your Network is Your Lifeline

When your network goes down, business is at a complete standstill. Everything depends on it. With the rise in cloud computing and software as a service, enterprise-grade fibre and high-performance solutions are a necessity.

Fully Managed Solutions

Arm your organization with reliable and tailor-made solutions. We create a suite of business-exclusive services and back them up with a 100% uptime guarantee. Connectivity is so important to your business’ productivity that you shouldn’t risk anything less.

Embrace virtualization, cut costs, and scale for the future with iTel Tech Business solutions.

Time is Money

Software Company A puts lots of strain on their network with a big reliance on SaaS and cloud computing. As a result, they needed:

  • More bandwidth ASAP.
  • Eventual goal of switching over to fiber.
  • A direct, private connection to the cloud.

iTel immediately deployed a temporary Bonded Internet solution. By combining multiple connections together they tripled their bandwidth right away. Once their building was fiber-ready, our team performed a seamless transition to fiber.

Their enterprise-grade, symmetrical fiber now gives Software Company A lightning fast connections and increased day-to-day productivity.

The most exciting change was gaining private access to the cloud. iTel’s partnership with Console delivers direct, L2 connections to leading cloud providers. Software Company A now bypasses the public internet on their own private line.

Direct cloud access means data doesn’t travel from provider to provider over the internet. Instead, data goes straight from their hub to the cloud and back again. One direct route, faster and more secure than any public connection could do. As a result, productivity levels increased tenfold and they eliminated any risk of data breach.

Customized Solutions For Your Specific Needs

Utilize MPLS Layer 2 data transfer to prioritize critical applications

Distribute Resources Across Multiple Locations
Utilize MPLS Layer 2 data transfer to prioritize critical applications like voice and video to seamlessly connect all employees regardless of their location.

High-speed unlimited symmetrical upload and download speeds

Embrace Virtualization
High-speed unlimited symmetrical upload and download speeds that make cloud integration and SaaS uploading a breeze

Traffic is distributed across each connection.

Centralize Data Protection & Security Management
Store your data offsite in iTel’s 5 data centres across the country. Mitigate the risk and overhead of managing onsite hardware.

iTel tech enterprise solutions grow with your company

Scale for the Future
Easily scale your services to meet your growing business needs. Changes to your services are done promptly and without service interruption.

Streamline IT Processes
Cisco Meraki security appliances that give complete visibility of your entire network. Make AP changes, throttle bandwidth, add firewalls, and more with the click of a button.

Cut costs with iTel tech enterprise solutions

Cut Costs
Competitive pricing on connections that support virtualization and reduce capital expenditure and hardware upgrades. Leveraging our off-site servers decreases maintenance costs.


Please contact us for any additional information. We would be more than happy to direct you to the resources you need, or to put you in touch with an iTel Associate who will be able to answer all of your questions.


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