spock-kirk-fiber-merakiiTel Fiber, coupled with a Cisco Meraki security appliance is the perfect combination that will power your enterprise to new heights.

Sounds pretty good right? Sign me up, Scotty.

Cisco Meraki Security Appliances

100% centralized cloud management that gives you in-depth insight into your company’s data use and the ability to shape your bandwidth accordingly. Meraki Security appliances are all about speed and usability, giving your IT staff the tools to make the most of your network (and live long and prosper). Here are some other features:

  • Remotely deploy Cisco Meraki Security Appliances in minutes through zero-touch cloud provisioning.
  • Synchronize security settings across thousands of sites using templates.
  • Securely connect branch locations in 3 clicks in Meraki’s intuitive, web-based dashboard.
  • Stateful next-generation firewall
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Automatic self-healing VPN
  • Content Filtering
  • Anti-malware/anti-phishing
  • High availability and failover

Business-Class Fiber Internet

Business-class fiber delivers dedicated, symmetrical super speeds that move your business into the productivity fast lane. Business fiber differs from residential, it comes with an SLA and MTTR (mean time to repair), which guarantees your connection will always be running smoothly.

Boldly go where none of your competitors have gone before.

A Cisco Meraki Security Appliance connected on iTel Fiber internet creates the most secure and efficient network possible. Business-class fiber comes with a 100% SLA, 4-hour MTTR, and total control over your bandwidth.

If you’re interested in learning more about this impressive combination. Hail us on all frequencies and we’ll make it so.