Using bacon to explain the concept of ‘QoS’

The internet and telecom industry is full of confusing acronyms that might not make sense if you’re reading them for the first time. Fear not, our team of nerds is here to enlighten! Today, we are breaking down QoS in a very tasty way.

Quality of Service (QoS) refers to the measurement and maintenance of consistent network performance by taking into account both bandwidth and latency. QoS ensures high-quality performance for crucial applications like voice and video calls. This is important stuff, and it’s not just ‘beQoS’ we say so.

 Can you hear me now?… How about now?… Are you there? Hellllooo?

The struggle of choppy, lagged and dropped digital calls are all due to QoS (or lack thereof). This occurs when voice packets intermix with data traffic in a network that may only be set up to handle data. Real-time calls and video conferencing don’t hold a priority in that mix, causing some serious connectivity issues.

Let’s break this concept down even further and start thinking about it in terms of food, bacon to be precise.

Thankfully, those dark and unreliable days are a thing of the past with systems that guarantee the delivery of crystal-clear voice over internet (VoIP) connections. Now, there is the ability to customize bandwidth to suit your needs and accommodate real-time fluctuations in usage.

iTel offers QoS features on:

Bonded Internet | Fiber Internet | MPLS | Managed Voice

Your time is valuable. Don’t waste your breath asking if someone can hear you on the other end when you could be prioritizing your conversations on much more important topics (like what to eat for lunch today). With QoS, your burger will always have bacon and it will always be the VIP.