We are constantly monitoring and perfecting our network, which means occasional scheduled maintenance.

Here you’ll find our scheduled maintenance alerts. Check back here to view the current status of any scheduled maintenance. For all other information or to report a problem, please visit or give us a call at 1.888.899.4835.

Bonding Software Upgrade

Ticket Number:475703
Start:2019-10-15, 20:00 MDT
End:2019-10-16, 00:01 MDT
Expected Downtime: 5-10 minutes
Areas Affected:AB, BC, ON, IL, CO, CA

Minimal Downtime Is Expected

We will be preforming an upgrade to our bonding appliances to bring them in line with our recently upgraded aggregation infrastructure.  This upgrade will help provide updated features and software efficiency improvements for our SDWAN service.  The bonding services on all bonding appliances will be reset once the upgrade is complete which will result in a short loss of service.  No more than 10 minutes of downtime is expected during this window.

We appreciate your understanding.

Calgary Core Maintenance

Ticket Number:5191873
Start:2019-11-16, 00:01 MDT
End:2019-11-16, 06:00 MDT
Expected Downtime: 2 Hours
Areas Affected:AB

Minimal Downtime Is Expected

iTel will be performing core infrastructure upgrades in Calgary as part of our nationwide core upgrade project. This maintenance will be the last phase of a three phase project. These activities will involve re-positioning and some configuration changes to some of our upgraded core equipment to facilitate faster and more robust connectivity and expansion in addition to providing further redundancies to our growing network.

Customers traversing our Calgary core will experience a service interruption of up to 2 hours during this maintenance window.

We appreciate your understanding.