Bust out your inner Jay Z with Bonded LTE

We’ve talked about hoLTEw Bonded Internet is the Dream Team of Network Solutions and how it can Help You Win The Game Of Thrones, but LTE Bonding is a new technology that’s so cool, we swear it will bring out your inner rapper. You’ll be brushing that dirt off your shoulder and laughing all the way to the bank as your increased speeds and 100% network uptime bring your business to the next level.  


Bonded LTE connections have the ability to bring faster internet and increased failover to a lot of businesses who might not have thought it was even possible.

What is LTE Bonding?

LTE Bonding creates a high-speed connection over a cellular network. You can combine either multiple 4G/LTE connections into one, or, bond wired connections with LTE and only use it as failover.

Why is this cool?


If your business has access to an LTE network, you can bond it.

Temporary Solution:

Use LTE Bonding as an interim alternative. This can be helpful for businesses moving to a new location and need high-speed connectivity while they’re waiting for permanent services to be installed.

Avoid Big Build Costs:

If you’re in an off-net location, avoid big build costs by bonding multiple connections for increased speed.


Set your wireless backup link as “failover” and the system will seamlessly kick in and transfer traffic over the LTE connection and you won’t even notice an outage is happening.


Depending on your location, you can gain speeds upwards of 100Mbps.

The great thing about LTE bonding is that it creates connectivity when fixed lines are not in place. This is especially handy for businesses with temporary satellite locations, like pop-up shops, on-site construction offices, and events. All of these sites need to be connected to the internet and with LTE bonding you can create high-speed, extremely secure enterprise-grade service.

Bonded Internet provides so many options for companies with unique connectivity needs. LTE Bonding, especially, will open up doors to an internet service that your competitors won’t be able to match without this technology.

It’ll have you like, “if you’re having connectivity problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but being wireless ain’t one.”

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LTE Bonding

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