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Agent Program

ITSS’ portfolio represents diverse, “best of breed” data, voice, and data centre solutions. They eliminate the need for their customers to waste time dealing with individual carrier representatives. ITSS acts on their clients’ behalf to analyze spend, optimize infrastructure, and research all available vendor/technology options that will meet evolving business needs.

Partner Highlights

“ITSS came on board as a partner in the very early stages of iTel’s Partner Program. The experience as an iTel Partner has been exceptional. Shortly after joining the program we were invited to become a Master Agent. Over the years we have helped develop the program, partner portal, compensation structure, and training initiatives through the eyes of an active partner. It is very rewarding to know we have helped grow the iTel Partner Program to where it is today.”

– Nathan Hashman, ITSS

“iTel’s product portfolio is perfect for complex, multi-location opportunities. It enables us to provide our customers with cost-effective and reliable internet and voice solutions both nationally and internationally. Because of their product portfolio, we recently signed an international client and are now delivering Layer 2 services between Europe and Calgary.”

– Barry Davids, ITSS

Why iTel?

“We chose to partner with iTel because they are a creative and nimble organization with a set of capabilities that the big incumbents simply can not live up to.”

“ITSS partners with multiple carriers, but time and again, iTel is often the only realistic option for complex, multi-location clients.”

Favourite iTel Benefits

“When we need assistance, iTel is just one phone call away. We can get ahold of the right person all of the time.”

“iTel offers standard MPLS Layer 2 options at the same price the big incumbents charge for fiber internet.”

“The ability to provide connection bonding as an MPLS offering – no one can touch that!”

Are you Going to Watch Us or Join Us?

Grow your business quickly and strategically through iTel’s Partner program. Join the likes of successful companies like ITSS and increase your portfolio to offer a wide range of services, equipped with 24/7 support and an industry leading SLA.