5 Ways Fiber Internet Could Help the Rebel Alliance

We know how Obi-Wan used the cloud to defeat the empire, but can fiber optic internet do the same for Luke Skywalker? With fiber internet’s high speeds and reliability, Luke can benefit from fiber in many ways:

1. Reliable Speed

Pressed for time to save Leia from her capture aboard the Death Star, time and efficiency is essential for Luke Skywalker. By harnessing the power of light, Luke can use fiber internet to transmit data 400x faster than typical DSL internet. Comparable to the Millennium Falcon’s hyperdrive, fiber’s speed boosts productivity to help Luke save the princess that much faster.


2. Symmetrical Connection

Fiber internet is a symmetrical connection that helps to prevent an internet bottleneck. In other words, upload speeds are just as fast as download speeds.

Having this feature means Luke and his crew will have a reliable connection that won’t slow down when someone decides to stream their favourite Cantina band songs (we’re looking at you, Chewie).



In the Star Wars galaxy, midi-chlorians are found in every living creature to harness the force.

Similar to midi-chlorians, iTel fiber’s Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)-enabled network allows transmitting data to “harness the force and predict the future” of their final destination. Through prioritization and labelling, data is quickly sorted and transmitted to their endpoint. An MPLS-enabled network allows Rebel forces to hold multi-location meetings light years apart via hologram conferencing that doesn’t cut out.


4. Scalability

In the early days of the Rebel uprising, members were few and bandwidth needs were small. As Luke and his team increasingly grew, their internet needs increased. Fiber internet is scalable, so it is easily expandable with no downtime when team size grows. This means no matter how fast the Rebels grow, internet connection and productivity is not affected.


5. Secure and Dedicated Connection

The Empire faced a major security breach when Rebels stole secrets plans to the Death Star. From this error, we can only assume Vader chose a shared cable internet connection that’s susceptible to security threats.

By using iTel fiber internet, Luke and the Rebels get a secure internet connection backed by a 100% SLA (Service-Level Agreement) that can only be accessed by them. No spying bothans allowed.


Bottom Line

By using fiber optic internet, Luke Skywalker can unleash a new potential for productivity. Through fiber’s reliable high speeds and secure, dedicated connection, the Rebel Alliance will have a competitive advantage to defeat the Empire and finally bring peace to the galaxy.

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