Want to win the Game of Thrones? Bonded Internet can help your business.

We’ve covered how fiber internet could help Luke Skywalker defeat the dark side, but in the eternal realm of sci-fi vs. fantasy, how on earth is that going to help YOUR business win the iron throne?

Fortunately, there’s bonded internet for that. And these 3 bonded boosts may save your butt when you’re grinding it out at the Battle of Blackwater.

1. Join Houses to Fight Tyrion Tyranny.

We all know Tyrion is the favourite, but that doesn’t mean we’re cheering on House of Lannister anytime soon. Your business may be in a remote location (say, North of the Wall), and the current king just isn’t sending you enough resources (bandwidth) fast enough.

By using bonded internet, you can connect multiple providers together to get all the resources your castle needs, regardless if you rep House of Cute Animal Ads or House of Talking Robots.

2. You Know Nothing, Jon Snow. And That’s Why There’s Disaster Recovery.

Just like Stannis Baratheon saving Jon Snow’s butt at the Battle of Castle Black, you need a safety net you can count on.

Luckily, bonded internet offers the 100% uptime needed for those extra-long sieges. If one of your lines experiences an outage, your castle’s bonded connection will re-route seamlessly, so your business can still work on its ultimate plan to take back the crown 24/7.

3. Bonded Internet Gives You Priority to the Throne

Kind of like how Tommen’s birthright fast tracked him to the throne after his brother’s unfortunate end, bonded internet can prioritize your most important data with MPLS.

With bonded internet’s MPLS, your voice and video services are guaranteed their fair share of bandwidth. That means when the king is cut from the pages (and with George R.R. Martin, it wouldn’t be a surprise), your “MPLS birthright” makes sure your business is prioritized to take his place.

Bottom Line

Bonded internet’s ability to combine multiple providers (or houses, if you will) with 100% uptime performance, and MPLS add-ons will help boost your business to success in Westeros and win over the resources needed to help you win the ultimate Game of Thrones.