Why iTel is the happy medium provider your business has been looking for

iTel is the first real national carrier alternative in a market dominated by unresponsive mega corporations and small operations that don’t have the infrastructure and expertise to support reliable services.


We like to think of ourselves as the “happy medium”, using our size and expertise to our advantage. We truly represent that balance between the two and here’s why:


Our competitors are national conglomerates that have to jump through a lot of bureaucratic hoops to get customization and new pricing approved. For the most part, it either won’t even be an option or they are extremely slow to act.

iTel on the other is nimble and we use our size to our advantage. Our infrastructure across the country is robust, allowing us to offer any and every solution to our clients.

Our team is growing quickly, iTel’s staff numbers aren’t at the mega corporation size, but we’re definitely not small. As we grow, we haven’t forgotten our startup roots and maintain that same mentality. New ideas, competitive price matching, and customization to meet our clients’ needs are not just welcomed but encouraged.

That is what makes us special. If your business has a specific networking problem that needs to be solved, iTel can do it and we’ll do it better and faster than any other company.

Customer Support:

When was the last time you called a technical support line and were connected to an expert technician on the first few rings? Probably not that often, except when it happens every day at iTel.

All iTel customers have access to 24/7365 technical support. When you call our support line, you’re directly connected to Level 2 trained technicians who are not to mention a very friendly bunch! Not a computer, not someone overseas, but local Canadian support working out of our head office in Kamloops, BC, Canada. Our competitors are not able to offer that same level of service


Think of your business as Goldilocks looking for the best internet service provider to meet your needs and iTel as the bear with the porridge that’s just right. Our ability to customize and provide unrivaled support makes us different from all other carriers and it doesn’t end there.

Want to learn more about what iTel can do for your business? Contact a representative today and see how we can help your business reach new heights.