iTel Blockchain Panel Discussion

Phase 1: Mining Colocation

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The Invisible Technology That’s Changing the World

Those who secure a stable power footprint will have the luxury of being able to move and grow with the ever-evolving blockchain mining industry. Forward thinkers are reserving their power footprint now! Shortsighted players are building out hosting facilities on dirty power, in remote locations, and in politically unstable regions in hopes to acquire power for the cheapest rate.

Learn more forward-thinking insights into iTel’s Blockchain Mining Colocation service from key executives at iTel.

Topics Discussed

– Trends in Blockchain Mining Colocation
– iTel Blockchain Phase 1: Mining Colocation Services
– iTel’s Positioning for the Future of Blockchain

Date & Time

– Date: Coming Soon!
– Where: iTel HQ
– Streamed on iTel’s YouTube & Facebook Channel

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