Automatic Reboot

Remote power control to minimize downtime

Control, Restart & Cycle Power to Any Device – No Site Visit Required

Automatic Reboot gives you the ability to turn any device off and on remotely without having to roll trucks. Does your business operate in hard-to reach locations?  Do you have sites without full-time IT staff? Starting at $5.00/mth, iTel’s Automatic Reboot solutions allow you to easily manage hardware that may not be network attached. 

For circuits and devices at inconvenient or high-security locations – ATM enclosures, colocation facilities, remote monitoring sites, etc – Automatic Reboot is the perfect solution. Let’s Connect.

Automatic Reboot for Security, Safety, Savings and Stabilization

Save Time & Money

Reboot any device, router, or server via your browser – no need for lengthy site visits or expensive technician fees

Hide Your Network From Hackers

Secure sensitive devices by keeping them powered off when not in use

Reduce Hardware Wear & Tear

Prolong the life of your devices with Automatic Reboot by powering them on only when needed

Emergency Preparedness

Power-up alerting devices like sirens, lamps, messages or control systems on demand

Increase Service Levels

Stabilize your consumer-quality circuits by automatically power cycling at a pre-set time

100% Canadian Support

Our Tier 2 Network Operations Centre is exclusively dedicated to business clients and available 24/7/365

More Devices? No Problem

Do you need to control power to multiple devices? Connect your iTel Automatic Reboot device to a power strip and manage power to all connected items via your browser.

A Multi-Location Solution for Multi-Location Businesses

Automatic Reboot provides a cloud management portal with single sign-on access and control – all configured and managed to your specifications by iTel. Servicing multi-location businesses is our specialty, and we’ve built solutions for companies with unique needs across the country.

3 Ways to Find a Solution

Let’s find the right solution for you.

Please contact us for any additional information. We would be more than happy to direct you to the resources you need, or to put you in touch with an iTel Associate who will be able to answer all of your questions.


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Automatic Reboot Adds Value to Your Circuits

Cable Internet

With high speeds, reliability, and the flexibility to scale up as needed, iTel’s Cable Internet is the cost-effective broadband choice your business needs.


DSL Internet

Cost-effective and widely available across Canada, iTel’s DSL Internet provides fast and reliable business connectivity. Bond with SD-WAN and add Automatic Reboot to get the most of your circuit.


LTE Internet

As a primary, failover, or temporary solution, iTel’s LTE Internet leverages multiple SIM cards from different carriers to keep your business online no matter what happens.


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