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Learn how SD-WAN solutions can be used to resolve numerous issues.BlogNetworkSD-WAN

SD-WAN: The Answer to Connectivity Issues

Increase Bandwidth, Simplify Management & Create Flexibility Businesses are increasingly adopting SD-WAN, giving them the ability to simplify network management, improve application performance, reduce costs, and increase agility. SD-WAN – Software-Defined Wide Area Network – can be used to enhance your business infrastructure, whether you’re in an urban setting or…
iTel Networks
September 23, 2019
Managed services for IT provides valuable efficiency, productivity, and cost-savings benefits.BlogManaged Services

5 Ways Managed Services Accelerate IT Value

Managed services offer a way for businesses to get all the value of modern technology without having to manage or maintain it. They help lessen the burden of technology management by offering consultative solutions, products, and professional services that remove the administrative and maintenance headaches that can accompany certain business…
iTel Networks
September 16, 2019
a woman's hand is seen operating a desk phone with managed voice technologyBlogManaged ServicesPhone Systems

How Managed Voice Solutions Benefit Your Business

Keep Your Enterprise Connected with Managed Voice Today’s businesses need reliable voice technology that supports collaboration across your team and ensures your customers can reach you without issues. While many businesses can deliver customer support, sales, and other business-critical functions through automation, voice calls are still the foundation of communication.…
iTel Networks
September 9, 2019
Discover how managed security can strengthen your organization’s defenses against increasingly complex threat vectors.BlogManaged ServicesSecurity

Give your Business 24/7 Protection with Managed Security

Robust, Up-to-the-Minute, Security Tools – Managed for Business It’s well-known that security is a crucial component of modern business, but cybersecurity technology has become increasingly complex. The wide-spread use of faster networks and cloud services increases vulnerabilities, and even many large enterprises lack the resources to effectively manage security on…
iTel Networks
September 2, 2019
SD-WAN myths include the idea that you won’t need QoS and you’ll achieve a big cost savings.BlogNetworkSD-WAN

Four Common SD-WAN Myths

Clarifying What SD-WAN Can Actually Do Many enterprises haven’t updated their network infrastructure in a significant way for many years, and as cloud solutions and fleets of smart devices make their way into the network, there’s a lot of uncertainty around network management. Software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) has emerged as…
iTel Networks
April 29, 2019
Learn how iTel is strengthening cross-border connections between the US and Canada.BlogNews

iTel Bridges the Connectivity Gap Between the US and Canada

Telecom Solutions that Cross Borders Connectivity between the US and Canada can be needlessly difficult considering how many businesses operate across the border. That's why one of iTel’s goals has become to bridge this gap. As a voice, internet, and cloud services provider, iTel has created partnerships with the largest…
iTel Networks
April 24, 2019
Your business Internet needs both reliability and cost-effectiveness to support cloud communications tools.BlogBusiness Internet

Evaluating Business Internet Options

As investments in cloud solutions and particularly unified communications as a service (UCaaS) increase, enterprises are being forced to evaluate their networking approach for delivering business internet. Added bandwidth demands and the central role of the network in driving and delivering business objectives means that the traditional networking model is…
iTel Networks
April 17, 2019
Business fiber costs include many factors, such as whether installation would pass through a sidewalk or road.BlogBusiness Internet

Business Fiber: Estimating Costs and Connectivity

Connectivity is no longer about simply supporting email and a little website browsing while your employees are on break. Internet connectivity is a major component of the technology infrastructure that supports your business, with interruptions impacting a wide range of processes from communications through transactions on cloud-based applications. For all…
iTel Networks
March 15, 2019
Choosing an ISP for your business requires a close look at factors like bandwidth and security.BlogBusiness Internet

Choosing an ISP for Your Business

There’s a lot at stake when it comes to choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for your business. Not only do your employees need to access tools like email, but companies also increasingly rely on web-based solutions for provider and customer interactions. Technology like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and…
iTel Networks
March 15, 2019
There are several business internet options, but which is the best fit for your budget and your connectivity needs?BlogBusiness Internet

Navigating Business Internet Options

Remember listening to the ringing of your dial-up connection, waiting to see if you’d get the celebrated static or the dreaded busy signal? Thankfully, today your business has an array of business internet options to choose from, and you’ll likely never have to deal with the suspense that came with…
iTel Networks
March 11, 2019

Point-to-Point vs. GPON Fiber

If your business is in the market for a fiber connection with faster speeds, increased security, and complete redundancy then you will want to read this. There are various classes of fiber connections for businesses, namely point-to-point and GPON fiber and it’s important to understand how they differ.
iTel Networks
March 2, 2019

Down to the Wire

We delve into the difference between twisted pair, coaxial, and fiber cables. Understanding the differences between the three will shed light on how data travels through each, which ultimately affects your connection and things like speed, latency, security, cost, etc.
iTel Networks
June 27, 2018

iTel + WTG

iTel Networks Inc., a Canadian telecommunications provider and WTG, a leading Master Agent and Technology Sourcing Expert in the United States, today announced their new partnership under iTel’s Partner Program.
iTel Networks
April 10, 2018