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Invest in your business Internet security by training employees to recognize suspicious emails.

Tips for More Effective Business Internet Security

By | Blog, Security
A Gemalto study makes the consequences of failed business internet security crystal clear: 70% of surveyed customers would stop doing business with a company that suffered a data breach. While it's impossible to silence all threats to a company's business internet security, it is more than possible to take some simple steps...
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SD-WAN myths include the idea that you won’t need QoS and you’ll achieve a big cost savings.

Four Common SD-WAN Myths

By | Blog, SD-WAN
Many enterprises haven’t updated their network infrastructure in any significant way in years, so as cloud solutions and fleets of smart devices make their way into the network, there’s a lot of uncertainty around network management. Software-defined wide area networking (SD-WAN) has emerged as a solution to some of the...
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Your business Internet needs both reliability and cost-effectiveness to support cloud communications tools.

Evaluating Business Internet Options

By | Blog, Internet
As investments in cloud solutions and particularly unified communications as a service (UCaaS) increase, enterprises are being forced to evaluate their networking approach for delivering business internet. Added bandwidth demands and the central role of the network in driving and delivering business objectives means that the traditional networking model is...
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Business fiber costs include many factors, such as whether installation would pass through a sidewalk or road.

Business Fiber: Estimating Costs and Connectivity

By | Blog, Internet
Connectivity is no longer about simply supporting email and a little website browsing while your employees are on break. Internet connectivity is a major component of the technology infrastructure that supports your business, with interruptions impacting a wide range of processes from communications through transactions on cloud-based applications. For all...
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Choosing an ISP for your business requires a close look at factors like bandwidth and security.

Choosing an ISP for Your Business

By | Blog, Internet
There’s a lot at stake when it comes to choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP) for your business. Not only do your employees need to access tools like email, but companies also increasingly rely on web-based solutions for provider and customer interactions. Technology like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and...
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There are several business internet options, but which is the best fit for your budget and your connectivity needs?

Navigating Business Internet Options

By | Blog, Internet
Remember listening to the ringing of your dial-up connection, waiting to see if you’d get the celebrated static or the dreaded busy signal? Thankfully, today your business has an array of business internet options to choose from, and you’ll likely never have to deal with the suspense that came with...
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What is MPLS (multiprotocol label switching)? We'll break down the basics of how it works with your business internet connection.

What is MPLS and How Does It Work?

By | Blog, MPLS

Sometimes us IT folks forget that all these tech terms and acronyms (MPLS, IP VPN.. the list goes on) may not be so obvious to the average employee. But time is short, so here’s a high-level overview of what MPLS is and how it works to help you get through your next meeting.

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