Data Replication and Backup

Cloud services engineered and operated for security and reliability.

Data Replication and Backup

Cloud services engineered and operated for security and reliability.

Better access to the cloud

When your business needs access to data in the cloud, you need it fast. Retrieving time sensitive data comes at a cost. Those added expenses are not cheap, which means you need approval before starting the recovery process. The clock is ticking.

iTel delivers your data on a direct path straight to our core. This completely private line does not traverse the internet making it impossible to be tapped.

Peace of Mind Data Replication and Backup.

iTel’s data replication is included in our services. When you backup to the cloud on iTel business internet, retrieval is included at no added cost- something other cloud providers do not offer.

Our cloud services give you peace of mind knowing that access to your mission-critical data happens immediately without having to wait hours or even days for budget approval.

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Value-Added Services

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MPLS offers high-performance connectivity across multiple business locations

Cloud Benefits

Network of Networks

Carrier-neutral connectivity with data centres stretching across the country.

Upstream Providers

iTel partners with a variety of high-speed upstream providers to eliminate downtime and ensure network redundancy.

Increased Redundancy

Powered by two independent electrical systems.

Cabinet Options

Choose from a variety of available cabinet options to fit your specific needs.

100% Off-Grid Independence

Our data centres are equipped with state-of-the-art DC battery arrays coupled with industrial diesel backup generators, which deliver 100% off-grid independence.

Around the Clock Support

A team of dedicated technicians monitoring your data applications 24/6/365.

Simplify your business phone, internet and cloud services

One Provider. One Bill. One Support Number.

Dealing with different companies for your phone and internet services is a headache. If something goes wrong you’re stuck in a support call loop contacting each company to get to the bottom of it. Working with a single provider for your entire telecommunications infrastructure means administrative ease. Merging your services with iTel means you only pay one bill each month and have to remember just one support number – simplicity at its best.

Create Your Custom Cloud Solution


Please contact us for any additional information. We would be more than happy to direct you to the resources you need, or to put you in touch with an iTel Associate who will be able to answer all of your questions.

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