Medium to Large Business Solutions

Connecting all of your locations has never been this easy

Distance Isn’t An Issue

All your employees, regardless of their location need high-speed, seamless, and secure connections.

Seamless Connectivity

Combine voice and internet with MPLS to ensure fast and private connections for all users at every location. Experience the ease of everything consolidated into one. One bill, one support number, one company that does it all.

A Network that is Just as Secure as it is Flawless

With multiple locations and strict security measures in place, Company A needed a solution that would deliver high-speed transfer of mission-critical data from their head office in Toronto to their satellite offices in Calgary and Vancouver, while offering scalability as they plan to add more branch locations in the near future.

iTel’s Network Engineers worked with Company A’s IT department to come up with a customized solution that meets all of their needs. Here is a sample of what we were able to create for them:

  • High-speed 1Gb Fiber internet connection at all three locations.
  • Secure, point-to-multipoint Layer 2 MPLS network between each office.
  • Cloud Hosted PBX phone system to share between all their locations
  • File storage and offsite backup in one of iTel’s data centers
  • Geographically independent Disaster Recovery in one of  our data centres across the country.

By connecting on iTel’s fiber network, their data is delivered on a path straight to our core. Should they ever need data recovery from any location, they can do so immediately without any additionals costs. Another added benefit is the ability to scale for the future. Because of iTel’s expansive MPLS network, they won’t have to pay any additional fees as they incorporate future office locations since the footprint already exists on our VPLS.

Custom Solutions

Our expertise lies in creating custom solutions for medium to large businesses. When it comes to networking, we can do it all.

Talk to us. We develop tailor-made solutions to overcome all your business challenges. Rely on a network that boosts productivity and keeps your customers and users happy.

Customized Solutions For Your Specific Needs

Distribute Resources Across Multiple Locations
Utilize MPLS Layer 2 data transfer to prioritize critical applications like voice and video to seamlessly connect all employees regardless of their location.

Embrace Virtualization
High-speed unlimited symmetrical upload and download speeds that make cloud integration and SaaS uploading a breeze

Virtual Machines and Colocation
Store your data and backup virtual machines off-site in one of iTel’s numerous data centres across the country.

Managed Voice Benefits

Consolidated phone system with a robust set of features.

Eliminate costly maintenance and IT overhead.

100% uptime guarantee.

Guaranteed full quality service as we control all potential failure points.

“No-holds” 24/7 local Canadian L3 technical support.

Emergency recovery. Your phone lines will stay up with off-site hosting and call routing.

Benefits of Hosted PBX

Share your resources and seamlessly route calls between all office locations. One receptionist can answer calls from across the country.

Easily scale your phone system by adding extra phone sets and switches when needed without any costly upgrades.

Cut Costs
No need for depreciating hardware and no service charges for system upgrades. Burst-billing allows you to only pay for averages, instead of peak usage.


Please contact us for any additional information. We would be more than happy to direct you to the resources you need, or to put you in touch with an iTel Associate who will be able to answer all of your questions.

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